hidden talent

I’ve stopped worrying about whether or not she can speak French. She’s surrounded by it all day every day at school but has no trouble going… says she likes it and always reports having a good time. So I figure she’s ok with the language and I finally realized I should just leave it at that.

But I’m still curious about whether or not she actually speaks any French.

Today when I picked her up for lunch, we had one of her little friends with us, waiting for her mom who was running late. Sophia fell and cut her knee pretty bad (on the asphalt play ground) so we went back into the classroom to clean her up and maybe find a band-aid. Well, Kaitlyn must have been so distraught over her friend’s injury, she forgot that she doesn’t speak French in front of me. We got to the door and with a perfect accent (so, in other words, no accent at all) she said “Maitress! Maitress!” (Teacher! Teacher!)

Later, she told me that she’d turned down the gouter (snack) because it was chocolate. I asked her how she’d let the teacher know that? She looked at me and said “pas de chocolate.” Again, in perfect French.

Then after school she was telling me how she and Sophia and her little French friend were playing on the slide pretending to be kitties. I said “oh, I don’t know how to say cat in French. How do you?” With no hesitation, she looked at me and said rather matter-of-factly “chat.”

I knew it. She can speak French. She’s probably been doing so for months.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Tell a simple joke in French to someone in her presence and see if she laughs. And see if Kaitlyn laughs, too.

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