It’s like spring already

I don’t want to say we picked the wrong year to buy season passes for Chamrousse. I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of mine. (Bill has managed to use his twice. So far, that’s not a lot of bang for the buck… or Euro as the case may be.)

But now I can read just enough French to be able to conjugate enough verb tenses to be able to read the long-term forecast on the web for Chamrousse. Without using Google Translate. And, well, I’d have been better off not being able to understand it. Basically, it says we’ll enjoy warm, mild weather through the weekend. And there’s a chance that the snow will return Wednesday. But that’s days from now. Let’s be honest. Meteorologists are just guessing when they forecast past this evening.

Kaitlyn is signed up for ski school all week. They should be able to make snow… although only if it cools off. It’s 12 degrees Celsius up there right now. That’s about 54 degrees Fahrenheit. (yes, yes, that I did calculate with Google. Give me a break, I’m learning French do I have to learn to convert temperatures too?) Too warm for February in the Alps (Wow. I just got smacked again with the realization that I live in the Alps It’s just hard to complain about the weather when you look at it that way. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t like snow… except on the pistes where I ski.)

Well, I’ll ski all week. If Kaitlyn gets over this cold she’s gotten. She was up at 4am… burning up and wide awake. Who knew, fevers apparently make you alert? She’s napping now. If she’s too sick to go skiing…. it’s just another gamble we took with the mountain this year and lost. At least all our losing gambles only involved money and no broken bones.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    I just tried to translate the word google from english into french using google translate. It returned the word google, but capitalized. It didn’t even ask me if I was using it as a noun or verb first. (I discovered it also capitalized Yahoo as a response to yahoo, so it even makes the competition a proper noun).

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