hot stuff

I just had one of the best cups of tea ever. I made it with water heated in my tea kettle on my new stove. Woo!

The installation guys from France’s scaled-down version of Best Buy arrived promptly at the end of lunch. They called this morning to narrow their window of opportunity from between noon and 7 to between 12:30 and 3:30. But it was silly, because I’m sure they weren’t working between noon and 1:30. That is lunch time.

Anyway, they arrived, and fairly quickly had the old stove out and the new stove in. I fumbled through asking them to put the old stove in the basement (the homeowner wants to try to fix it when he gets back). And when he asked me to cut the power to the stove, I flipped the breaker in the garage with a little picture of a stove above it, then hoped it actually did control the stove. Really, there’s no telling. He didn’t get shocked, so it must have been the right one.

(Bill is home sick from work and managed to conveniently finally doze off right before they got here.. so I got to handle it all alone. Which is what I’d expected anyway… but he missed all the fun.)

They left and I heated up water… a first in weeks. I can finally return the hot plate to my friend who kindly lent it to me! Ironically, I have dinner plans tonight and am going to make a lasagna for Bill and Kaitlyn to eat. Don’t even need the stove. I’ve gotten quite used to not using it.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Congratulations on being the proud recipient of a new stove. But, alas, is it still a magnetic induction stove, or the dumb prehistoric kind that uses heat to cook? All those special pans you bought may not perform well with heat. Rather than discard them, however, you could donate them to an MRI unit to hold food being checked for e-coli or mad cow disease. Or take them to a poorer section of town and give them to a panhandler.

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