Talk about standing out!

I did it. I broke down… gave in. I am even a little ashamed.

Tonight on the way back to the hotel, I stopped at Starbucks.

The Starbucks was one of the first things I spotted when we first emerged from the Metro on Wednesday. We had no idea where our hotel was, but all would be well, there was something familiar in our midst.

Then I noticed something really peculiar. People walking down the street carrying their Starbucks cups. Especially in the park. And it looked, well, funny. Everyone at home walks around with some sort of drink, or food, or both. You never see a French person walking down the street with a drink in their hand. Never. There are times and places to savor a coffee and the sidewalk is only one of them if you are sitting at a cafe at a table on the sidewalk.

But tonight, I became one of those people… one of those cup-toting Americans.

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