all abuzz in the petite maison!

                    While trying to figure out where to move the bbq grill so that the mountain breeze stops blowing through it and blowing out the flame, Bill found where at least some of the oh-too-close-for-comfort wasps have built their home. When he moved Kaitlyn’s playhouse he discovered they’ve set up shop, so to speak, inside it.

His first reaction was to grab the can of wasp killer so he could spray the nest. I told him to wait till night.. when they’re all home. I read that on the internet. I used to think it was so they’d be asleep. Apparently not. He didn’t believe me. I told him to read the can… then realized the can is in French. Still, he figured out enough of it to realized I had a point.

                    Last night after dark, when we were climbing into bed I said “hey, don’t forget to kill the wasps.” I was too tired to see if he went outside in his pajamas to do the job, but he sprayed the nest. This morning the house is still tipped on its side and if I stand just so on my tippy toes and crane my neck at the sliding glass door, I can see the nest in there. But today there’s no buzzing around it.

                    Maybe Bill needs to put screens on the windows of Kaitlyn’s little house!

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