Screen Test

                    When we moved here – make that AFTER we moved here – we found out that houses here don’t have screens. And buying them is nearly impossible. Now there’s a lot of things I didn’t realize until we got here we wouldn’t have. Like a garbage disposal. But given that there isn’t any air conditioning, well, the lack of screens is something it would have been nice to have been warned of.

                    Fortunately, either there are enough ex-pats moving here or the French have finally figured out that screens work better than curtains to keep bugs out. Either way, the result is screens are starting to pop up in hardware stores. Bill found some kits and assembled a few of them this weekend. We now have screens on two windows – the one in the kitchen and the one in the office. He also put together a screen for the French door next to the kitchen. None are perfect. He had to hold them in place with tape. And the one for the door is too small, so the top has a piece of styrofoam filling the gap.

                    Still, they’re screens. And we can have the windows open and let the cool air in and keep the bugs out. That’s all I wanted. Now, maybe we can find a single room air conditioner for our bedroom…

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