Happy Birthday, Bill

I didn’t manage to get Bill a present that comes wrapped in a box with a pretty bow. I’m yet to figure out what store to go to here to find it. (cannot list here, he reads the blog) Instead, we went out to dinner… just the two of us.

            Kaitlyn got to spend the evening with two of her favorite people. They are teens who are here as Cat ISE kids, so to speak. She knows them because they volunteer at “cubbies” which she goes to each Tuesday night. When we arrive at their house for Kaitlyn’s big night, they have crafts spread out on the table all ready for her .. and Bugs Bunny on the tv. It’s probably the perfect evening in her mind.

            I’d chosen a restaurant off a list of five recommended by one of our French teachers. Honestly, it wasn’t the first choice.. that one is supposed to have a spectacular view but it is closed for the winter. Another was just trop cher. (100 euros a person seemed excessive.. maybe next year for his 40th) Another was Italian. We’re going to Italy in a few weeks, so I crossed that one off. The last one was out of town. I thoughtwe’d be heading to the trendy pedestrian part of Grenoble. No. It’s in Grenoble… but not downtown. We got there and weren’t even sure we were at the right place.  The name of the restaurant is Bistrot Lyonnais.  But try to find that on the sign! But when we went in, Radeline was on their reservation book.

            Bill has developed an amazing ability to just order. He isn’t too worried about exactly what he’s getting. His reasoning is, except for at the “American” restaurant here, he hasn’t had a bad meal. He went for the menu that started with a lobster and ravioli salad followed by beef that had some kind of stuffed cabbage with it.

            I decided to follow suit and go out on a limb. I even thought I’d try the route so many dealing with the French books suggest: I tried asking the waiter’s opinion of what I was considering. My entree was scallops, which I didn’t realize till I bit into it would be served cold (I’m not too nutty about cold food). My plat was veal, which I didn’t realize would be fried. It was a wee bit fatty. And super rich. I couldn’t eat it all… had to make sure I’d be able to have dessert. Again, I tried using the waiter’s advice. I told him I wanted something chocolate. I got chocolate cake. It was good. It wasn’t exceptional. Maybe I’m starting to expect too much just because I’m in France.

            Kaitlyn’s babysitters could find themselves with plenty of spending cash by sumer… because I could get used to this!

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