A Tale of Two Meals

We never eat out. I think the last time we ate out was in Colmar, because when you’re out of town in a hotel that is your only choice. This weekend, we may have pushed our luck.

            Last night, Bill and I went out for a grown-ups-only dinner for his birthday.

            Today, Bill, Kaitlyn and I went out for lunch with some other ISE’s who say they never hesitate to take their two year old to a restaurant. They say poo on people who want you to think you can’t take a child to a restaurant in France. Lunch with us may have changed their minds!

            Last night, Bill and I ate leisurely, even finishing after French groups at other tables. I asked the waiter for advise, enjoyed some wine, tried dishes we weren’t entirely sure of what they’d be.

            Today, Bill and I spent the two hour lunch telling Kaitlyn that chopsticks are not weapons, taking them from her, telling her to stop yelling about losing her chopsticks, telling her to sit down, taking her outside for time out, taking her to the bathroom (she’s taken to announcing she needs to pee pee as a way out of time out), telling her not to crawl under the table.

            Maybe it’s our fault. Maybe we have been too reluctant to take her out and now teaching her how to behave is going to be super, duper hard. Maybe 1pm is a bad time to take her out (she generally naps around 2). Maybe Bill shouldn’t have made her noodles an hour before.

            Will we try again? Maybe.

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