Colmar, France

22 – 26 December, 2006


Grand Hotel Bristol (aka: Best Western)

It’s across the street from the train station which is great if you take a train, which we didn’t. It was at least a 15 minute walk to the marches which is what we’d gone to Colmar to see. One reason I picked it was that I could get a “family room.” There was no explanation on the website and I didn’t feel like testing my French with a phone call; I just went ahead and gambled by booking the room. It was big by US standards, huge by French standards. There were two rooms and two beds – a double and a twin. The bathroom was pretty big but the hair dryer was horrible. It put out no significant amount of hot air yet got too hot to hold. Kaitlyn thought it was rather handy that there was a little sink in the WC next to the toilet. I tried to explain to her what a bidet is and finally left it at “just don’t touch it.” The Grand Hotel Bristol is a three star hotel with peeling paint along the baseboards (hopefully not lead paint) and carpet that’s pretty well worn. There was also a contraption on the desk we determined to be for the Minitel – France’s version of the internet. It never took off like Al Gore’s version, though.

Once we were roaming around Colmar, we went past the hotel I almost booked, the St Martin (yes, I almost stayed there only because it is the St Martin and we live in St Martin d’Uriage. See why I didn’t do it?) It was a way better location – step outside and there’s the marche. Live and learn. Location, location, location.


Aux Trois Poissons

Incredible. Great service. Great attention paid to Kaitlyn. Great food. Both Bill and Kaitlyn had fish, and I ate off her plate. It was better than the fish I had in Hawaii. Anyone who goes to Colmar should eat there. (another bonus: it’s all non-smoking)

Hotel Ibis D’Stub

Atmosphere of an American coffee shop. The food was good but nothing special. Kids menu was hot dogs or ham. We ordered off the adult menu for Kaitlyn. Smoking abounds.

L’Auberge Brasserie

One of the two restaurants in our hotel. Casual atmosphere without being too casual. Food very good for family restaurant. Kids menu wasn’t limited to hot dogs. Shares same kitchen as other restaurant in hotel, which is a one-star in the Michelin Guide. This isn’t going to be a memorable meal but it’s a good alternative to a cafe (one can only eat so many tarte flambees or steak hache’s)


Colmar is charming small town versus the city-feel you’ll find in Strasbourg. Because we were with Kaitlyn, we skipped the wine tastings and museums and cathederals. Still, the charm of Colmar is intoxicating and I’d go back again.

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