Astra 2 28.2

Astra 2 28.2

I need it. Bad.

That’s the satellite I need to get British Sky TV. Right now, we get free satellite tv. That includes the 5 French channels, which I do like having. I’m almost to the point where I can watch a cartoon and understand some of what’s being said. Although one drawback is no Saturday morning cartoons, since the kiddies are in school then. Well, most, not ours. Seemed mean to do to a three year old. (It isn’t required until they’re 5 or 6) And I do like to see what American shows they air with French language dubbed in: Ed, Friends, Dallas, TJ Hooker, Young and the Restless. I’m sure there’s more. I can do without the commercials. I do not understand the one with the woman who appears to have just returned home from running and she’s splashing water on her face saying over and over “Merci! Merci!” It’s an ad for, I think, the water company. “Thank you, water company, for providing me with the service for which I pay you each month?” Reminds me, I need to get that thank you note in the mail to the power company…

We get fewer channels in English than in French. CNN International… good for catching up on how poorly the dollar is faring against the Euro, Yen and Monopoly money. Sky TV out of Britain, keeps me up to date on the investigation into the death of the Russian spy 24/7. And BBC World, but I haven’t been able to get that to actually show up, so it’s hard to include it.

Al Jazeera is on our list of channels. I haven’t watched it to know what language it is in. I think it would be interesting. Bill thinks I’m weird for wondering.

Pretty much, the other 873 channels we get are in German. German home shopping network, Bloomberg tv in German, God tv in German, German Nickelodeon. I’ve heard tales of some ISE children actually starting to speak German just from the German cartoons. I have enough trouble understanding everything Kaitlyn says in English and she’s probably not far from tossing some French in, so I really don’t need another language to decipher.

So, I am ready to break down and pay the price for German Sky television. (yes, to stop watching German tv, I find German Sky to get British tv. Europe, so confusing!) In teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy print in the online contract it says your satellite has to be able to get Astra 2 28.2 Click ok without checking and you’re out a boatload of money with no Disney channel to prove it. Bill says we get it… but only at about 50%…. do we do it? Help! I need someone from engineering!

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  1. Todd says:

    Is it true there is more nudity on European TV? How do I get those channels here in the states?

  2. mandy says:

    sorry, haven’t seen any. sponge bob in german still has on his square pants.

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