lawnmowers and trimmers and sprinklers – oh my!

Six o’clock on Saturday night and there is a symphony of lawnmowers buzzing outside my windows. (Punctuated by the occasional shout from the neighbors where they are apparently watching a football game…. or playing the world’s most exciting round of Monopoly.)

Maybe it’s the frost advisory for tonight that has everyone out trimming the lawns, hoping it’s the last time for months. So that in a few months when the snow (finally) melts, a neatly manicured lawn appears.

And for those who weren’t ready for frost, that’s probably my fault. We had our sprinkler system installed last week and it isn’t even hooked up yet. But we wouldn’t want to spend all that money and then be able to use the thing to water the grass seeds we’ll have to toss down to try to save the lawn in the spots where they dug. Although, really, the lawn looks no worse than it did before they started. Which is why we had the sprinklers put in in the first place.

Maybe my plans to go out this week and buy a new bush to replace the one I killed aren’t the wisest.

I like fall. But I’m ready for Indian Summer. Just to get a few things finished.

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