game on!

I have no idea what came over me today. Instead of returning Kaitlyn’s overdue library books and admiring plants at the nursery you pass on the way there… I sat at home and made a board game to help Kaitlyn with her studying.

First, let me say that I deserve no credit for having a clever idea. I read about it in a magazine that’s usually filled with crafts I’ll never make and cakes that Chef Duff would find challenging.

I made four stacks of cards. Yellow are spelling words; blue are reading words; green have math problems; red are the sillies. Because I figure I’ll be lucky if she even tries the game, there has to be something fun in it. So I made a stack of cards that have instructions like “hop on one foot 20 times” or “do 12 sit ups” or “wiggle your ears.” I also drew out a board with colored squares and a few roll again blocks or jump to such-and-such a category spots.

The one thing I knew would be a problem but I have no solution for is this. Who is she supposed to play with? Even I can spell the words on her list and do the math problems without using my fingers even. Not that she can quiz me on my spelling since she can’t read the words to me. After a while, she gave up on even trying and just told me that I’d have to guess the word. With no clues. While I wrote the cards and know her spelling list and could probably manage to guess, I lobbed out wild tries just so it would be her turn again.

We actually played two rounds of the game. I think she might play it again. I think it might work. A little bit. At this point, it can’t hurt!

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