staying at home

Kaitlyn’s off to school today… her first full day of school here. And now I am officially a stay at home mom. A woman without a job, nevermind a career. Ok, I haven’t worked in more than four years. That is besides the point. Just a month after I stopped working, we started the process of moving to France. And I couldn’t work there. Even if I’d wanted to. So I never really thought of myself as a stay at home mom. More of a displaced worker, on a long sabatical of insane proportions.

Now? Now I’m a stay at home mom.

I made the beds. Cleaned the kitchen. Even washed the windows. Went to Zumba. Turned away a little girl who came to see Kaitlyn who looked like she thought I was lying when I said Kaitlyn was at school. (“But my school hasn’t started yet.” Well, goodie for your school, kid.) Swore to the exterminator that normally there are those annoying little red bugs (clover mites) in my bathroom but that they got the memo that he was coming today and all went elsewhere. Looked at fabric for curtains and, naturally, prefer the one that is $31 a yard. (When you need 18 yards, that’s rather a lot.) Goofed off on Facebook. Finally put some pictures that have been sitting around in little piles for weeks in envelopes (and addressed the envelopes).

Seriously? This is what a stay at home mom does?

No wonder scrapbooking and crafts are so popular.

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