we got up early for this?

Four years ago, we went to the town’s Marche de Noel (Christmas outdoor market) and I thought it was just the most charming thing. Sure, I thought it was confusing; it was when I bought unroasted chestnuts by mistake. But I was, overall, enthralled with the market. The stuff for sale. The friendly little town all decked out to welcome the start of the holiday season. Pere Noel wandering around, handing out chocolates to the children.

This year we went to the town’s Marche de Noel and after a while I turned to Bill and whispered, “Is it just me, or is the marche really lame this year?” The vendors I’d hoped to see weren’t there. The ones who were there had stuff I didn’t want to buy. I didn’t even see a stand selling cocoa on this cold morning. Bill turned to me and said “It’s always been lame; you’re just noticing.”

Maybe. Maybe the novelty of living in the small French village along the route to the ski resort is wearing off. Maybe not maybe. Maybe it just plain has.

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