a… b… c… d… huh?

I think that this morning Bill figured out why Kaitlyn is struggling so much to learn to read in French. It’s not because she’s “not invested” in it, like her teacher told us in a meeting. It’s because she does not even know the alphabet in French. She has been going to the same school for the past three years. This is her second year in a row with the same teacher. But apparently no one bothered to make sure she knew this most basic skill… the alphabet.

I’m so angry… angry at myself for not practicing the French alphabet with her although we were busy practicing the American English alphabet. Because she has French all day every day… except Wednesdays and two mornings a week when she has English classes. I’m very angry at the school and the teachers. How do you let a child sit in your classroom and not make sure she knows the freakin’ alphabet? If this was the United States, I’d march into the principal’s office and make a stink. Demand a different teacher. But it isn’t. And I won’t. So instead we’re entering hour three of tag-team alphabet learning. And it isn’t going well. We’re tag-teaming the effort because it is so frustrating that each adult can only take it for so long before your only options are to scream or to walk away. So we’re opting for walking away. Although screaming is creeping up the list. Quickly.

Homework for a first grader shouldn’t be this way. It shouldn’t be this hard. Or frustrating. Or endless. And it shouldn’t end with the entire family in tears. Which is exactly how I predict today is going to end. Badly. Very much so.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    I remember homework in the upper grades of gradeschool, and how I absolutely resented the fact that adults got to go to work, then come home and do their thing at night. Work didn’t butt into their nightlife. I never understood why learning couldn’t be a during the day thing only. Kaitlyn probably won’t grasp the alphabet in French in a short time…after all it probably takes Frenchites as long as it takes Englishites to learn in their respective native languages. Patience is easier preached than practiced, so my non-advice shall stop now before you tell the computer screen “easy for you to say from over there, Dad….you’re not living this!”

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