what’s my line?

I am very glad to see tax Euros being so wisely spent here.

They’ve painted lines on our road. White dashes that mark the “middle” and, I suppose, help people to stay on their side of the road. Which would make sense if our road was even wide enough for two cars to easily pass. Most places on our road if you pass someone, one or both of you is slightly off the road, in the dirt, scraping along bushes. Mind you, up at the top of our road at our house, there are no lines. Marking the road up here would have essentially turned it into a two-way bike path. Even where the lanes are, uh, marked… I noticed that it’s impossible to keep one’s car in one lane.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that people will still be on the entirely wrong side of the road as they maneuver the blind corner. And that on the small straight sections, they’ll use the line to know where to put the center of their cars.

The lines are a lovely idea. But I’d prefer that if a road crew comes up this way… it would be to smooth out the road. Maybe fill in potholes for real instead of just slopping some loose asphalt into them. As long as they still come up here in the winter and clear off the snow I don’t care what they’ve painted on the road.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    I have been a passenger in your car as you maneuvered that road with aplomb going up and down. It was truly amazing how no headon ever happened, as the corners are blind. Maybe the white line will suggest folks favor the right side, so instead of a headon it would be a 45 degree smash.

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