pounds… dollars… euros… how confusing

My head is absolutely spinning from spending the last couple of days researching our Christmas vacation. I know, I know. I’m not going to get any sympathy from anyone about how hard it is to find a place to stay to ski in the French Alps. I don’t want your pity. But your calculator might be handy.

Bill and I try to stay in France for our ski vacations so that Kaitlyn can take all her lessons with the ESF — the French national ski school. That way the curriculum is standard no matter where we go. Last year she earned her “snowflake” badge and that means something to the next ski instructor she’ll have.

French ski resorts are very popular destinations for the British. So much so that a lot of the prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling. Just when I thought I’d managed to sort of keep up with the ever changing Euro and be able to estimate the conversion into Dollars… now it’s the Pound. And to make the comparison more fair, Bill tries to convert from Pounds to Euros… which really only confuses me even more.

Then you have to decide: hotel? chalet? catered chalet? Again, I know not a soul out there is going to say “ohh… your life is so hard!” Fine. You look at these websites and try to make sense of them. Some list the prices by the person by the day. Some by the week. Some for the whole place by either the day or the week. Not all of them bother to tell you how they’re breaking down the prices… so you can just assume. Which can be an expensive guessing game. Not that I’ve gotten far enough to actually hand out a credit card number to any of these people yet.

I’ve written to a handful looking for an actual quote. I haven’t heard back from any of them yet. Sure, it’s Sunday. But, come on! Christmas is only 4 months away. I need to get this taken care of!

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  1. d.a.d. says:

    Have you heard back yet from the Windmill Tour place? They quote in US dollars, although I doubt they honor ski lessons.

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