the real next food network star!

Who says kids aren’t influenced by what they watch on tv? (ok, no one says that. But here’s yet more evidence that they are)

Kaitlyn is always telling me the benefits of space bags or suggesting we get the dog grooming mitten for our friends with pets.

Tonight she decided that if those women on Food tv can cook… well… so can she.

I’d turned on the tv while making dinner just for a little noise and possibly entertainment. Kaitlyn was upstairs playing and I thought it was safe. But the sound of the tv pulled her in like a rebel ship unable to escape the tug of the Death Star. She sat on the couch absorbing all the fat and calories Paula Deen had to offer. Then she came into the kitchen and said she was going to cook. Not that she was going to help me. That would have been too easy. She wanted to make her own dishes. For Bill. Lucky Bill.

Her starter was an elegant dish…. a tomato sliced in half (I did the slicing) then topped with creme fresh (sort of like a cross between sour cream and heavy cream so heavy it’s the consistency of sour cream) and salt and pepper. For garnish, she poured some soy sauce on the plate then put a few radish leaves on for color. Lovely.

Next came her salad. The salad part was easy… I just gave her lettuce, cucumbers and radish pieces as I was slicing them for the salad I was making. Then she decided to make her own sauce. (I assume she calls the dressing sauce because dressing in French is called sauce… and perhaps she’s heard that at canteen at school.) Anyway, her sauce had a base of creme fresh, then soy sauce for color then pepper. Lots and lots of pepper. I didn’t realize how much pepper. When I took a small taste, it was actually a decent little sauce. When she was done… well it was something else.

Now it’s important to mention that the entire time she was cooking, she was describing what she was doing. So her audience would understand. She suggested that next time, I videotape her. (I will)

Bill came home and she rushed him to the table for his special meal. He took one bite of the salad and told her how good it was. She leapt up, pumping her fists in the air and cheering. She was absolutely thrilled with herself. While doing all this leaping she was facing me, though, and didn’t see her daddy making a face as he choked down the spoonful of pepper he’d just shoved in his mouth. Then he moved on to the tomato. That he said was actually pretty good and he ate it all.

I suggested that Kaitlyn share her culinary prowess with her granddad later this summer. Hope he stops at Costco for some pepper!

2 Responses to “the real next food network star!”

  1. D.A.D. says:

    It will be quite a delight to have Miss Kaitlyn cooking in Rancho Mirage. Maybe I can find some really light pepper, which in gargantuous proportions, still won’t taste very much. I don’t particularly like pepper in any quantity, so this will be one of those challenges. But I savor she is describing her activities to an audience, and even instigated videotaping. Now we’re getting somewhere, seeing an early career budding. If she’s really good at this, she could do some cable show. Then Disney will pick it up. Not that I’m being a stage grandpa.

  2. Mark says:

    This sounds EXACTLY like Hannah and Mary Katherine when they were 5 years old. Both of them would pretend they were on the Food Channel and had their own show. For all I know, they still do it, I’ve just tuned them out by now.

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