dangerous new shop in town

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t discover this sooner.

There’s a cake shop downtown. Yes, in the land of patisseries filled with tartes and chocolate treats, I’m excited about a cake shop. An American style cake shop. With cake pans shaped like soccer balls and cars… candles that look like tools… sprinkles galore. And cupcakes. The case in the window was filled with cupcakes. With frosting.

My friend and I bought one to share. (Share a cupcake? No, that isn’t weird. First… we’re both trying to eat more healthy foods. Second, what if the cupcake was gross?) It was not gross. It had cream filling on the inside. It was quite yummy… although it did ever so slightly taste of lemon to me. You know how I am with lemon…

Anyway if she stays in business I won’t have to serve lopsided cakes at Kaitlyn’s birthday parties anymore! It’s really exciting. Ok, that’s probably not true because I like making Kaitlyn’s birthday cakes. But they do have single-serving cheesecake. Sorta cheesecup cakes. Bill really misses cheesecake. I may spend a small fortune there on cheesecakes. But that’s ok.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    The small size servings are fine; they won’t stick around long. Its having a refrigerator full of dozens of small size servings that may change your metabolism.

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