How long is too long for a circus?

Madames, monsieurs, enfants – ok, that’s about all I really understood  anyone say at the circus. I bought tickets thinking Kaitlyn would enjoy it. I was kinda surprised because we all did.

There was a French clown who appeared throughout the evening, doing little acts. In one, he “played” bubbles as they popped (with the help of the live band). What song? Madness – One Step Beyond. Just another example of how France has better 80’s music than the 80’s night on our cruise ship! Needless to say, I quite enjoyed that.

There were plenty of balancing acts. A bald guy with gold glitter all over his head and back who balanced on a couple of handles on a spinning pedestal. A couple dressed like they’d come off a Star Trek set who balanced on each other’s heads.

Horses danced. So did an elephant. I missed the tigers, Kaitlyn had to go to the bathroom, but Bill said it was nothing too dramatic. It did seem particularly dangerous, since the cage they performed in was put up during the 15 minute intermission. Would that have really held back a charging tiger? Luckily, we didn’t have to find out.

Kaitlyn said her favorite was the bicycles. Fourteen young women from China who rode bikes and stood on each other’s shoulders, heads, arms, legs, whatever was available. They finished their act by all standing on top of one poor girl biking around and around in a circle. There were so many people on top of her I don’t know how she could even see to steer.

The high wire act was most unusual. There were two performers, a man and a woman. She sang throughout their routine. They started by walking up a support wire to the tightrope. They ended by walking down that support wire – the woman on the man’s shoulders. Singing.

Bill had two favorite acts. One was two guys who’s act consisted of one guy lying on his back so he could flip and spin the other guy on his feet. The other was a bunch of people who jumped off ladders onto boards sending some fellow or girl flying in the air onto a giant pillow or someone’s shoulders.

My favorite part was just watching Kaitlyn. She sat up in her seat paying close attention. She laughed at the clown, she clapped when she liked something or when the clown pointed at our side of the arena to do so. Bill bought her a flashy thing that then he didn’t want her to wave around in the dark.

We all had the same least favorite act. The American. Some clown who came out and pretty much didn’t wow the crowd. Or at least didn’t wow us. He didn’t talk until the very end when he asked who here speaks English? I felt like yelling out “me!” since his words were the first I’d really understood all night. But I realized that would be like being the one dork wearing a UCLA sweatshirt at a Duke basketball game. (yes, I’ve done that)

The concession stands weren’t what I’d expected. Well, all I could expect was what I’m used to at home. Here, there’s beer (one kind, I think it was Heineken), soda in cans, bottled water, sandwiches on mini baguettes and crepes. Oh, and bad popcorn. That’s what we had. Not many people ate. Some brought in pizza boxes so they could have dinner. I saw one man return to his seat near us carrying three beers… one for himself, one for his wife, and one for his 10 year old son. Ok, maybe 11 year old son. Kaitlyn begged for a hot dog and I drew the short straw and was sent to fetch it during intermission. There wasn’t really a line at the stand as much as a mob. And there were no hot dogs. I bought her a tomato and mozzarella sandwich. Bill asked why I’d pick that. Next time, he can go. When he went, he bought popcorn. Much easier to do, since the word is the same in English. And he went during a balancing act, so there was no line.

All said, we had a good time. But we were all exhausted by the time the show ended. It started at 8:30. It ended at 12:30. That is one long circus.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Well I hear there is an opening for a DJ on some cruise ship that sells the idea that they play 80’s music for entertainment. Remember, it’s just an idea they sell to get unsuspecting cruise goers to come aboard. Once you’re aboard it’s all 70’s and 90’s music 24/7!

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