Two packages arrived in the mail today. I wonder if our poste lady is appalled at what super-consumers we are. Well, if she is, she’ll just have to get over it.

I’ve been ordering books for the book club and while I’m at, I go ahead and order other books, too. This time I ordered one for Bill (which he didn’t seem to care about) and two for Kaitlyn: Little House in the Big Woods and a phonics book. We’ve been reading one chapter in the little house book each night. She loves it. I’m glad; I was worried a chapter book like that would be too much for her. Today her phonics book arrived. She told me she’d have really preferred a Polly Pocket. I assured her that practicing reading over the summer will have a far greater impact on her life than Polly Pocket. I do not think she was convinced.

The other box that arrived today is full of coffee. Bill has become obsessed with coffee. Mind you, he didn’t even drink it when I met him. Granted, when I met him his coffee options were Folgers or the bottomless cup at Bob Evans. Now he drinks cup after cup…. comparing the different blends and flavors.

It happened when I brought home a Nespresso machine. Sure, we liked the Tassimo. But when I went to visit friends with the Nespresso, I came home declaring that it really does make better coffee. (Mostly it’s Italian coffee which I vote for the best coffee in the world.) When a friend moved back to the US, she gave us her Nespresso machine. GAVE it to us. Refused money. Wouldn’t so much as let me buy her lunch in exchange for it.

Ever since I brought that machine home and plugged it in (using an extension cord to give it a good spot in the kitchen)… Bill has cranked out one cup of coffee after another. He sometimes opens a drink from the fridge, sets it down, and makes a cup of coffee. Like he is sucked in by its force and cannot consume an alternate beverage. He has bought little espresso spoons for it. He measured out the proper number of ounces of liquid so I could see how much coffee I’m supposed to be putting into my cup. (Our free version doesn’t automatically shut off. Bill is already talking about buying a new one with that feature. I think it’s just fine to stand there and wait the 20 seconds to push the button and shut it off.)

Yes, I use it. I had two cups this morning. And, yes, I do have my favorite kind. (Cosi. Several boxes were in today’s shipment, truth be told.) I’m contemplating having another cup now because I couldn’t sleep last night and today my eyes are burning as I force them to stay open. And Kaitlyn wants to go to the pool. I’m way too tired for that.

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