HOW MUCH????????????

I know Bill is in love with his new iphone. He bought it online, picked out the plan online. All to avoid speaking French in the store. He just had to make sense of the website (a challenge, really) and read the French.

I don’t know if it’s the translation. But I just got our cell phone bills. He racked up a 222 Euro bill. In one month. 125 Euros of it is for what appears to be web/data roaming. Which he did a fair amount of in Germany. Well, fair amount isn’t really correct. Costly amount seems more accurate.

I’m not saying he wouldn’t have spent that much in a month using an iphone in the US. But it does make you wonder….

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    $292 USD for a cellphone bill if you consider the cost of a high speed ISP connection plus the money saved by not buying movie tickets or expensive meals as the time is consumed by toying with the phone is a fair tradeoff. Now that’s one teckkie defending another teckkie in some peoples’ minds, but I marvel at Bill’s ability to get satisfactory results using a small portable device to access the internet. I give up after about 90 seconds, and remind myself I have the phone to talk to people. Not take their picture. Not to type to them. Not to have the whole world see where I am every minute. Just to talk to people.

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