Bill is home from work today. He was sent home from the office yesterday morning. Everyone was. But not everyone got out. I don’t know how much it’s making headlines in the US, but there are 4 executives being held in the office. Some papers are calling it “boss-napping.” Which sounds to me more like what an old boss does at his desk after a big lunch… it just doesn’t sound sinister.

As for Bill’s evacuation from the office yesterday…. he admitted after being home a few hours that it started to feel to him like it was going to be a repeat of the incident with the tear gas, growling attack dogs and shouting union members. They were told to “just go over there…. away from where the union guys will be.” Bill said he wasn’t going to be corralled into another bad situation, so he went out a different door. The guard there opened the door and let people out. For the first time in two weeks, Bill had parked his car in the office parking lot. He wasn’t going to get trapped, so he went to his car and drove out while the getting was good. A few blocks away he stopped to call his boss who told him to “just go home.” And that’s where he’s been since.

Anyway, he can’t go to work today because they are still being held hostage. (that sounds apprpriately sinister) Don’t know if he’ll go to work tomorrow, either. We leave on vacation Saturday… so past Friday I don’t care what’s going on in the office.

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