now it’s gone too far….

Bill isn’t going to work tomorrow. He doesn’t feel safe. I’m glad he came to that conclusion on his own.

Today, the protestors built a mound of tires across the road in front of the office where Bill works. When they set it on fire, the fire department came and put it out and told them not to do that.

So the protestors broke down the gate surrounding the plant and proceeded to hold a giant family barbeque in the parking lot.

Then this afternoon, all the employees were gathered in the hall to be led out by security. But security couldn’t lead them out, because they were dealing with the protestors who’d broken into the manufacturing plant and were destroying things. (Excellent way to keep your job!) Bill said the security team had dogs… and was using gas to keep the protestors back… and that it was “tense.” Duh.

He made it out, but apparently not everyone did.

I realize I’m not a corporate big wig. But if I were one, I’d be spending the night burning the midnight oil doing whatever paperwork was necessary to shut the plant down here permanently. Maybe that’s why I’m not a corporate big wig. But, to me, when your employees who are trying to work and keep the company in business are being threatened… and when the union making it impossible to lay people off and cut costs is now adding to your cost immensely by vandalizing the plant…. the bottom line says pull out.

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