never ending passport drama

Ok, I’ve thought of little but my stupid passport ever since mailing it off Monday.

I’ve tried tracking my application on the state department’s website, but it’s not in their system. I think that if you apply at an embassy, you aren’t going to be able to track it online.

I could track the Chronopost envelope that I sent it in. It arrived at the embassy in Paris yesterday. No one signed for it, even though I thought I’d checked the box that said I wanted a signature. (Looking now, I didn’t.)

Then a few minutes ago, I had a horrible realization. I don’t think I paid for the return postage. Just sending the stupid thing was like 45 Euros. Which certainly sounded like enough for both directions. But, thinking back on it, I don’t think the postal clerk stamped the second envelope. Great. I hope the embassy can just add it to my credit card. Otherwise I don’t know what happens. Maybe I’ll end up taking a train to Paris to pick the stupid thing up. What a nuisance this has truly become!

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