chez le dentist

Kaitlyn now has a big, toothless grin… after her first trip to the dentist.

She told me last night when she was going to bed that she would do her best to be real brave today. And she really was.

The dentist took x-rays to look at her adult teeth. He said it seemed like a good idea to pull the tooth that’s been loose but won’t fall out.. the one that keeps getting hit then bleeding. And he said while he was at it, he could go ahead and take out it’s neighbor since the x-rays showed the adult tooth for that one is ready to start pushing its way out, too. So he numbed Kaitlyn’s mouth (I couldn’t watch that part. Eeew.) And he pulled out her teeth. (Ok, I didn’t watch that part, either. At one point, he told Kaitlyn she was being braver than her mom.) They put her teeth in a little bottle for the tooth mouse. She is so excited. She said she thinks that’s worth a good 4 dollars… or 4 pennies… she couldn’t be sure. I suggested 4 euros…. they’re worth more.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Tooth mouse? Like Hidden Mickeys? As I recall doesn’t Kaitlyn groove on medical stuff (unlike the maternal side of her family thru me)? I assume there will be pix posted of this new look shortly.

  2. mandy says:

    This morning when I took her to school, Kaitlyn showed off her new grin to another parent and went into great detail about how the dentist used a big needle for her teeth so it wouldn’t hurt. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl.

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