so what’s on tv tonight?

Today when we arrived for Kaitlyn’s French lesson, her teacher pointed out that he’d set out some local magazines for me to try to “read” while I waited. He knows I don’t get lessons anymore and he knows I need to keep practicing.

Reading a two week old magazine of current goings on in Grenoble isn’t exactly top of my list of ways to practice my French.

I called and made a dentist appointment for Kaitlyn, only having to ask the woman to repeat herself once. To me, that’s decent practice.

But when I’d accomplished that, I still had 55 minutes left to sit and wait. So in case the teacher quizzed me on the stupid tabloids, I flipped through. Nothing was interesting enough to really read. Until I got to the TV listings.

We can watch French tv. I mean, we get French channels on our television. But we cannot understand them, so we don’t bother trying. So I had no idea what we’ve been missing. Until now.

Thursday night at 22h45 (quarter till 11pm), you can catch “Il Etait une Fois…” which is the French title for “Enchanted.” Seems like a logical time for a kids movie to be on. If you can’t stay up that late, “Retour vers le Futur 2” is on at quarter till 9.

Let’s see… what else…

Sunday night is “Quand Harry Rencontre Sally.”

Sprinkled throughout the week is Bones, Sex and the City, NCIS.

I think my favorite listing is for the newsmagazine on Wednesday at 20h50. (8:50pm. Logical time for a show to start) “66 Minutes.”

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