shipping surprise

I admit it: we were all so impressed when FedEx delivered a box here from California in just a few days… for something like $35. The thrill tarnished today when I opened my mailbox to find a bill from FedEx… for the French VAT tax.

Theoretically, they can charge you the sales tax on everything shipped here. But nothing we’ve gotten via the good old mail has come with the extra bill.

I know it’s a hassle for anyone thoughtful enough to send us something from the US. But it seems that the post office remains the best way to ship things. Until someone from the French customs office reads this…..

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    How do they know the value of the contents, to be able to charge you? Wow, that’s nervy!! I recognize the event as a shipment made from Kids & Things, or Clothes-R-Us, or whatever it was, and regular mail wasn’t an option. As they say in Mexico, “simpre algun damn cosa”.

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