Il y a beaucoup de neige

Sometimes, I think I left my common sense in storage back in the US.
We got more snow overnight. I don’t know how much… I’d guess easily another foot. And it’s still falling. Although the plows are finally making it something of a habit to come up our road. One came through just before Bill was about to leave… creating a 3 foot high barrier between our driveway and our road that Bill had to dig out before he could go to work. Another one came by about an hour later. I saw it’s flashing lights while I was on the phone with the English teacher from school. She was the second person I’d called to try to figure out whether or not there’d be school today. It’s like I just can’t figure out by myself what to do. I guess it’s because times like this I feel particularly isolated. I cannot just turn on the radio or tv to find out what’s happening beyond the stretch of street that passes in front of my house. So I make calls and make an idiot of myself polling people while I decide what to do.
Because, really. Think about it. We live in the mountains. This is part of life here, right? The plow is out. We all have or should have snow tires and chains. Yes, we’ve gotten a lot of snow in 36 hours. Probably 2-3 feet. But this isn’t Raleigh. This is the Alps.
Turns out the English teacher was the only teacher who got to school on time this morning. And she walked there.
Another snow day for Kaitlyn. Cabin fever is setting in quickly. At least for me. Kaitlyn is thrilled.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    You’re not resorting to doing cute things one would see demonstrated on the food channel, or other 24/7 demonstrations of home craft-making, or such. I can’t imagine playing the Wiii all day, so it must be challenging to keep Miss Kaitlyn intrigued and yourself as well while the snow piles higher. Arghhh!!

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