Sheesh. finally

UPDATE: 2:30 and the snow plow just went up our road. It isn’t even a real snow plow. It’s a tractor with a plow stuck on the front. The main roads must be getting a constant plowing because apparently that’s where all the real plows are. This guy was probably the farmer down the street who just got tired of waiting. Still don’t know about going out later…. what if the farmer stays in after his dinner? And there didn’t seem to be any lights on his tractor…

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 4:30 and the real snow plow came along and scraped the road and spit down some salt. If only I’d known how to ask them what took them so long to get here.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 7:30pm that farmer guy made another pass on the road. Guess he eats late.

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