biting lesson in economics

When I picked Kaitlyn up for lunch today at school, she handed me a piece of paper all folded up and taped shut. It looked like a note one might pass in jr. high. Not that I’d know.

I worried the teacher was trying a new form of communication with me. But when I opened it up there was no note. Just a tooth. Kaitlyn came home from school yesterday with a loose tooth. (She tried eating an apple to get it to fall out, but made me cut up the apple which made it a less effective dental tool.) Now, she’s officially missing her first tooth.

She says she wants the Tooth Fairy to pay her in dollars. So she can spend them on vacation. Apparently she doesn’t realize the Euro is worth more.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Conversion rate right now is 1.28 Dollars per Euro, so she would still be ahead being paid in dollars. The value of the dollar, however, is growing. It was $1.51 per Euro last February. Moral of story: she needs to extract as many teeth as possible before the dollar and euro match, or she will be pressed into spending in France. At her age, these concepts may be too much for her to sink her teeth into.

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