I am spending a lot of this week trapped in the house tending to getting things ready for winter. Friday, the pool guys are coming to close the pool for winter. Tomorrow, the heating oil delivery. Today, it’s the chimney cleaner. My appointment is at 1:30. A French teacher made it for me months ago. I had that done after I learned that you have to have your chimney cleaned for your homeowners insurance to pay out if there’s a fire at your house. Even if the fire is caused by trying to roast marshmallows in the over too close to the heat source and has nothing at all to do with your chimney. Like a lot of things here, I’m baffled because I can actually see the logic…

Kaitlyn and I were home puttering around getting ready to make lunch when the doorbell rang. The chimney cleaner arrived an hour early…. during lunch time.

I’m fairly certain that’s a sign of the apocolypse.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    You should have pointed at your watch with a wagging finger and closed the door until you finished eating. That’s what the businesses do to customers who rudely appear during lunch, isn’t it?

  2. mandy says:

    When I was the morning producer, I wanted to get a personalized license plate that said “6:58:59” because that was the exact time the show ended and so did my day. Of course, I was earning less than the fry cook at McDonalds at the time, so things like vanity plates were out of the question.

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