all aboard!

Bill works 11 hour days all week and is content to sit at home and play the Wii all weekend. He can go all weekend and never step outside. I think there are weekends he doesn’t even open the shutters.

I stay at home all week and look forward to the weekends for the chance to get out.

These two philosophies sometimes clash. To the point that Bill has instructed me to make more plans to do things with my friends on the weekends. Not exactly what I’m after, but, still, better than sitting at home.

Today, I lured Bill away from the Wii with a road trip I thought he’d really enjoy. We drove about an hour away to a place with an outdoor model railway display. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. Even after seeing the website. I didn’t care. It wasn’t especially at the top of my list of places to go… but at least it was out of the house.

The model railway was big, but not huge. What struck me as so funny about it was how typical French the towns around the railway were that this guy had built. There was laundry hanging out to dry… livestock in the yards… each little town had a fountain…. there was a bakery… a poste… a man peeing between two buildings… bikers blocking the roads… hitchhikers… cows in the road… all just a day in the life of a typical small French village. He had built some of the models to replicate local towns. I recognized one from pictures I’ve seen of the houses built into cliffs along a river. Behind that he had the bubbles from Grenoble. Cute.

We spent more time on the road driving there and back than we spent looking at the trains. But it was still pretty worth it. And maybe now I’ve started a trend… of seeing things other than Mario Cart race tracks on the weekends.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    For a fleeting moment several weeks ago, I actually thought about looking into getting a Wii to hook up while you are visiting here, so Bill would have something to do. Then I thought, no, we should do stuff you don’t normally do at home. I didn’t know how close my original plan would have been to creating familial siblistic gnashing. I promise not to have a Wii, even if Bobby finds one for a true bargain at a consignment shop.

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