Proof that grande section really is hard. Tonight after dinner, Kaitlyn had to do homework. Homework! She’s five! Ok, so teaching her that doing your homework after dinner on Sunday night when it’s for class on Monday isn’t really the lesson I was after. But long story short, last week her English class was moved from Monday to Thursday so we had less time to get the work done. And the good news is, at least the work was in English.

She had a sheet with pictures of clowns holding balloons. Each clown had a word on its hat and she had to figure out which words on the balloons rhymed with the one on the hat. Obviously, that meant we had to be active participants, reading the words. But she’s too smart for her own good. When she got to the last clown she could not believe that every word rhymed, because with every other clown, one word didn’t.

I wish all her teachers a lot of luck. This is why I don’t home school.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    She’s 5.66 years old.

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