turn on a fan or something!

Air Conditioning. When it’s 36 Celsius is important. No… vital. (My car tells me it was 36. Google tells me that’s just shy of 97 degrees Fahrenheit.)

That was the temperature at 5:30 this evening when Kaitlyn and I went shopping for her new Barbie (which she earned by swimming underwater again today in her lesson). We went to King Jouet… France’s answer to Toys R Us. It isn’t as big as a Toys R Us. And it isn’t as cool. I mean… there’s no air conditioning. No fans. No windows to be opened. No air circulation of any kind. I had sweat dripping down my back just from standing there looking at every Barbie and every other doll in the place. And there aren’t really that many.

It was so hot, I started to get physically sick. I finally had to tell Kaitlyn she HAD to stop examining every item in the store, we were getting in line to check out (at the one cash register) and getting the heck out of that store. Stepping outside into the 36 degree heat was actually a relief.

I’m sorry. I just don’t get it.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Rancho Mirage is typically 115 degrees F this summer. Of course, you’re not visiting us in the summer, so what difference does it make.

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