going under

I think the swimming teacher is getting a bit frustrated at his two American students.

One always seems to be off in her own little world… hardly paying attention. That would be Kaitlyn. Today when she wouldn’t listen, he picked her up and tossed her in the water. She then listened to him. She told me later she thought that was silly. She was completely unfazed by being tossed under the water.

The other student refuses to do anything that might put his face anywhere close to the water. While the teacher was trying to get him to put his face in the water, he wasn’t noticing Kaitlyn behind him doing just that, even though moments before she’d expressed a firm desire not to do so. I guess if he wasn’t watching it seemed like a good idea. When I tried to point it out, she started to cry and said she was too cold. I should have brought her backpack with the sweatshirt and coat!

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