ah… Americana

17 june 2008
part 3

On our way back to the tram, I spotted an English bookstore and just had to stop.

Kaitlyn sat in a tiny chair in the children’s section, reading. The bookstore was pretty small, but I took my time to savor it. Sure, I can (and do) order books online. But you simply cannot replace the satisfaction of flipping through a book as a way of deciding whether or not to buy it. I found a book about the Rhone Alpes region. (Where we live). I’m thrilled to have one in English. I have on in French and never even crack it open; it’s too frustrating.

The clerk at the bookstore gave us directions to a Starbucks just up the street. Naturally, that was our next stop. There’s also nothing quite as satisfying as at least having the option to take your over sized coffee with you. We opted to consume our beverages there and were served in the most giant real mugs I’ve ever seen. I do miss those chai tea lattes.

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