into the clouds

Forget that masterpiece that is a flower clock. Today we set out to see a real tourist attraction. Even the New York Times says this is “not to be missed.” Although, I do believe the writer meant that if it’s sunny. We set off under the thick cloud cover to ride the telepherique that provides a stunning view of the city. Or I assume it does. Given the weather and my intense dislike of cars dangling from cables high above the earth… it made for a strange choice on Dad’s part.

You get there by riding the city bus all the way from the center of town to the French border. Then you have to hoof it out of the country. The border control building was shut up… looked like no one had been there for weeks if not longer. Maybe they figure when the weather isn’t good, no one would be going that way.border-crossing.jpg

The telepherique may be busier when there’s something to see… and people going to see it. Today they were running it if someone showed up. Luckily, we managed to ride up before the bus load of pre-teens arrived on their school field trip. Dad asked the telepherique operator “If I said in English I’m glad not to be riding with those kids, would you understand?” The guy laughed which clearly answered the question, although he still offered up a “yes.”

foggy-mountain.jpgThere was little to see at the top but clouds. And a small snack bar where Dad got a cup of coffee and Kaitlyn bought a stuffed cow. When the kids poured out of the telepherique, we headed back down.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Let the record show that the chamber pictured above at which Mandy and Kaitlyn are staring was not the dangling cable car in which I forced my terrified daughter into riding. Rather, it was an unidentified habitat at the top of the telepherique, home to perhaps baby lynyx or miniature schnousers, or pre-gaggled geeses.

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