now we know


1.Stay close to the things you want to see. Don’t try to cram in a beach vacation with a sightseeing vacation. Do one or the other.
2.Look up train time tables in advance. Don’t count on them actually having any at the train stations.
3.Hotel advice is better taken from Trip Advisor than from friends… unless I ask all the right questions like: are there ants in the bathroom? (yes) there’s a washing machine, is there a dryer? (no) is the beach right in front of the hotel sand? (no) do they bother to actually heat the hot tub? (no)
4. Go to cities with something in them you want to see. Enjoying our time in Barcelona emphasized how Lisbon was miserable in part because there was nothing there we were really interested in. Except the cruise ship.
5.It’s ok to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and Starbucks. They make us feel less homesick. There is nothing wrong with that.
6.Carry plenty of Kleenex in your pockets. And maybe a change of underwear for Kaitlyn.

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