Grocery stop

12 may 2008
part 2

Turns out today but be a holiday in Spain. We figured this out when we went to Carrefour to stock up on all the products they have here and not in France. It was packed. It was the kind of packed that at home, I’d have turned around and walked out.

Instead, we braved the crowd and filled our cart. We bought:

Oscar Mayer bacon
refried beans
canned jalapeƱos
pickles (hopefully they’ll be more like the ones we’re used to and miss)
mint gum (yes, it’s remarkably hard to find in France)
Rice Krispies
plain tortilla chips

We also ended up buying yet more shopping bags. Then we realized no one was using the bags you buy. The stores here use plastic ones.

The one thing I forgot because it was too crowded to wander up and down every single aisle at leisure was Philadelphia cream cheese. It’s probably just as well.

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