now we know better

The plan today was to somehow wash the sand off Kaitlyn, grab a quick lunch, then drive into Barcelona to enjoy some outdoor time and an early dinner back at the Hard Rock.

I don’t know what came over me, but I actually suggested eating at the hotel. (Different restaurant.) We walked in and stood for what was beginning to be an eternity being completely ignored by the wait staff. Then Bill spotted last night’s waiter behind the counter of the coffee bar. That was it… we left. We drove up the street to town. There is restaurant after restaurant along the street across from the (sand) beach. None opened until 1, which gave Kaitlyn about a half hour at the playground.

Lunch was very good. Who knew food in Spain could taste that good? Proof that our hotel considers its restaurant patrons trapped like travelers stranded in an airport waiting on a delayed flight.

Too bad the pouring rain kept us from eating in town before. Too bad I didn’t just book us a hotel there, too. Live and learn.

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