finding Nemo and all his buddies

We got into Barcelona (by car) just before 2 and quickly discovered a lot of people had the same rain-avoidance plan we did: go to the aquarium. The line to buy tickets zigged and zagged away from the ticket window. At least it was under cover. Luckily, the aquarium had the good sense to fully staff the ticket window and despite the horribly long line, the wait wasn’t too bad… only about a half an hour.

As you’d expect, it was packed inside and Kaitlyn got frustrated by the crowds making it hard to see the displays. We all found it frustrating, but she was the only one complaining about it.

There were some displays worth pushing through the crowds to see: a tank of octopi actually swimming, cuttlefish who reproduce non-stop until they actually die of exhaustion. Kaitlyn found every fish from Finding Nemo. She wasn’t very impressed by the tube you walk through so that sharks and other fish can swim over your head.

I’d read online about the aquarium’s kid area… touted as being hands on. Touch a starfish! The map you get when you go in had a picture of a kid petting a starfish. But every tank in the kids area had a sign on it telling you not to put your hands in the water. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I saw a single starfish in there! I was more disappointed about it than Kaitlyn was. I think she actually forgot about it. I certainly wasn’t going to remind her.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    I knew some mammals in college who I now know, based on your description, were Cuttlefish.

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