call from the teacher

This afternoon I was home trying to nap when the phone rang. I always hesitate to answer because there’s a good chance the person on the other end will be speaking French. But I took a chance. I was right… it was someone speaking French. It was Kaitlyn’s teacher calling to tell me she didn’t feel well and can I pick her up?

I went right to the school to get her, and she was standing by the door in her coat, holding her backpack. She did look a little pale. The teacher told me that it was most unusual that Kaitlyn didn’t eat much lunch today (she eats at school on Mondays). The assistant who eats with the kids confirmed it. “D’habitude, Kaitlyn mange boucoup et boucoup.” (Normally, Kaitlyn eats lots and lots).

I brought her home where we flopped down on the couch to rest. At one point she did seem to have a fever. But around dinner time she asked for some nacho chips and after eating those, ate a bowl of rice. Then some raspberries she found in the fridge. So I don’t know if she’s really sick or if she was just worn out from vacation. I guess we’ll see tomorrow morning.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Costco is rationing bags of rice here, because of a shortage in the marketplace. Food prices are going a little crazy, like gasoline. So be sure Kaitlyn isn’t heartset on lots of rice, as the world rice supply may be waning. Hope it was just a case of post-transport heebies, a benign virus which is overtaken by renewed interest in homebound items.

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