midi zouzous (noon cartoons)

It didn’t surprise me today at lunch when Kaitlyn reminded me that I’d told her this morning she could watch tv. It did surprise me when she requested French tv. Uh… ok.

So we sat through the 8 minutes or whatever it was of commercials waiting for cartoons to start. I wasn’t even sure that when the commercials were over cartoons would come on. But they did. And they are just weird. They are mainly Japanese cartoons dubbed into French. And I know I don’t understand everything going on, but what I do understand is just, well, stupid. Little girls with HUGE eyes that are always brimming with tears and they have some bizarre powers to make things happen like today it snowed in the middle of a lunch. Inside a restaurant.

Who knows why she wanted to watch that.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Yeah, what’s wrong with good old South Park for a little kid to watch?

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