ready to warm up

The heating oil has been delivered. Not too bad… the delivery window was between 8 and 1, and he got here around 11. Pretty much right in the middle. He called to tell me when he was on his way…. I think…. I can’t really be too sure of that. He was very nice in person. (not that he was mean on the phone, but the phone is so frustrating when you can’t understand)

I’d asked my French teacher to ask for a delivery of 2000 liters when she set up the delivery last Friday. The guy showed up today with a slip that said I’d ordered 1800. I wasn’t going to argue over 200 liters. Even if I could have.

Now all I can do is wait and see if the water heater will get to work without some special something needed for that to happen. Hopefully that will be the case, because I can’t keep the fire going any more. It’s basically out. Ok, it’s out. So is the firewood. And the fire starters. Time will tell…

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