stove: declared dead

I sent an e-mail to the owner of our house this afternoon, letting him know that it’s been nearly a week since the repairman came and did nothing at the house and I’ve heard nothing. He copied me on an e-mail he then sent to his management company, asking what’s going on. (Or something to that effect. It was in French.)

Turns out, they’d apparently not gotten around to letting him know that the estimate to repair his stove is higher than the cost of replacing the thing.

He called us tonight. He’s decided that if he waits for the property management company to do something, his baby will be in college when it’s handled. So his wife is searching the website for the big appliance store in France, looking for a new stove. Hopefully it will be installed before.. oh, I don’t know… summer.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Now’s the chance that maybe he won’t replace it with a magneto-gyro waveform emitter, and resort to plain old gas. I know, there’s no pipe for it installed, but maybe the kitchen is over a crawl space? Of course, if he picked this stove originally I imagine he still thinks they’re neat, and may do it again. It’s an engineer thing.

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