Kicking the Habit

Kaitlyn is winding down day four mimi-free. It’s amazing. She really doesn’t even ask for it. Yesterday, she asked for it at bedtime. I said no, she got mad, but went to sleep without it. Today, she asked for it when we got in the car. I said no, she asked to have a drink instead, and she was satisfied with that.

I admit, I did add a bit of bribery to the deal. (no, I didn’t offer her chewing tobacco) I told her that if she can go seven whole days and nights without using it, I will buy her an art easel to make it easier to draw all her pictures. I had to show her a picture of it online, so she could approve of it. She did. I printed out the numbers 1 through 7 on a piece of paper and every morning she gets to put a sticker on the next number. This morning she did it without me… she was so proud.

That easel will be one good investment. I hope she understood that the deal meant after getting the easel still no mimi… I’d better make sure of that!

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Reading all this reminds me of how amazing it is you’ve chosen to spend several years with your daughter full time. Not that you and your brother weren’t interesting, but I can’t imagine having concentrated so much on the activities in which you’re involved. You both turned out pretty good, which means Kaitlyn should turn out even better. She will have a lot to live up to…I hope she knows that! Ironic how often Bobby and I go to Mimi’s to eat, fyi.

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