taxi vs train

The taxi picked us up promptly at 6:45 this morning. That gave us a 25 minute head start on the train. Plus it’s an hour and fifteen minute drive versus an hour and 40 minute train trip.

We got started and the driver asked what time our flight is. 10am. “Oh, you should make it in time.” Should??? Then he said the A1 has notoriously bad traffic. Now? He go ton the highway and it was smooth sailing. For about 20 minutes. Then it didn’t just slow down. It stopped. We played the nerve-wracking stop-and-go traffic game for about 30 minutes before I finally managed to doze off just enough to stop panicking.

We got to the airport at 8:30…. 15 whole minutes ahead of the train… and 70 Pounds poorer. At least the hefty tip did get him to carry our suitcases inside the airport for me. When traveling with Kaitlyn (especially when you have to wake her up at your destination), every little bit helps.

Ryan Air’s check in area is huge. And amazingly well organized. Each flight has its own check-in desk. Just read the monitor, find your flight and the desk number. Ours was 31. The one with no line. Zero. When I walked up to check in, the woman figured I’d come to the wrong place. “You’re going to Grenoble??” yea. My luggage gained weight in England. One bag tipped the scales at 15.4 kilograms… point four over weight. The woman didn’t charge me. I think she just didn’t want me opening up my bags and re-packing.

Then it was on to security. The line there? Non-existent. None.

All my worrying for nothing. Well, for 70 Pounds. That’s not nothing.

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