Too pricey

This afternoon Bill and Ben went tobogganing, so Carol and I hit the stores in town.

I thought I found the perfect souvenir of our trip to Arosa. I saw a blanket in a store window yesterday… it’s wool with symbols you’d find on a piste map along the bottom. We went back and the blanket was gone! It was the last one and someone bought it yesterday. I looked at some others that seemed like they were similar, just to see if I’d have even forked over the money for the blanket. At 1300 Swiss Francs…. the answer was no.

I thought I knew of a good alternative souvenir: an Arosa tourism poster. We’ve seen them at our hotel and around town… old fashioned looking posters. I found a shop selling them and went in. The woman claimed they are all originals, not reproductions. And she sells them for between one and seven thousand Francs. So much for idea number two.

Carol wanted to check out a couple of stores with pretty coats in them. They weren’t quite as expensive as the blanket or posters, but still too much to as much as try on.

Maybe I’ll find something tomorrow.

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  1. kecia says:

    MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! My Noel was also rather HO-HUM, as Santa Cruz, CA has such mild weather- no snow, not even any ice, and Santa was out-and-out lazy in his seasonal cheer this year. However, I am ever mindful to be grateful to still be here. Much Aloha, Kecia, Craig, & Murphy-dog

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