cheeseless fondue

Tonight’s dinner at the hotel was fondue. I love fondue. Fondue in Switzerland is picture perfect. Oh, wait, except this wasn’t cheese fondue. No. It was fondue chinoise style. Inside the fondue pot is chicken broth and instead of dipping bread, you cook thinly sliced meat or veggies.

We were all game for it… it sounded fun. Until we looked over at the trays of meat and realized we had no idea what they were. And living in France has taught us all: never assume. (Bill and I did that once at the butcher and ended up with lamb and rabbit. Gross.) It was a good thing we asked the waitress what the choices were. Beef. Chicken. Veal. Venison. Ben asked his girls which reindeer they wanted to eat then showed them how he was cooking up Blitzer for his meal. Fortunately, Kaitlyn didn’t hear him.

Normally the meals include a soup course, but not tonight. Or so we thought. When we were all done the waitress asked us if we wanted soup. Soup? Now? Yes… ladle some of the cooking broth into a bowl, add some port wine or sherry and, voila! You have soup. It sounded a bit like agreeing to drink the spit bowl from a wine tasting party. But we tried it anyway. And it was actually really good.

I still don’t want to leave Switzerland without cheese fondue.

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